The development of information technology in the international world impacts to the use of cyberspace which covers all aspects of national life. Faced to this condition, Indonesian government needs to understand the state of cyber security and build it so that able to address any kind of threat which comes through cyberspace. In addition to internal conditions, the scope of the external noteworthy to be considered due the nature of cyber threats are transnational, cross the line of sovereignty, and has been seen as a common threat by the countries of the world. ASEAN has become a forum for Indonesia’s to achieve national interests in order to support national security in the cyber field. Through the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) on cybersecurity initiatives, defense diplomacy strategy directed to increasing mutual trust (confidence building measures) between states and reduce any potential threats that may result from the external sphere. Those efforts, resulted in an agreement in the form of point of contacts between states and a shared vision for continuous training of cybersecurity in the form of seminars and workshops to build the capacity of human resources. Strategies and efforts are analyzed through a qualitative approach and primary data were collected through interviews with 15 informants from various government agencies. In addition, literature, journals, and related documents are also used as supporting data.

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David Putra Setyawan, Arwin Datumaya Wahyudi Sumari



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